Hussain Ayyad’s career is the epitome of KHK’s vision; from grassroots to international level


Posted on May 04, 2020

When it comes to professional Mixed Martial Artists in the Kingdom of Bahrain, two names stand out: Hamza Kooheji and Hussain Ayyad, both KHK MMA athletes and members of BRAVE Combat Federation’s roster.

While Hamza Kooheji is one of the pioneers of the sport in the country and, considered by many, as the main propeller of Mixed Martial Arts in the Kingdom, with his trajectory getting mixed with KHK and BRAVE CF’s, Hussain Ayyad is more of a product of a well-developed system, a perfect showcase of the achievements of the vision in the Kingdom.

When KHK MMA first started, the idea was to create a foundation in which the sport of Mixed Martial Arts would develop, and implement a vision to athletes, from the grassroots level to the highest standards of the sport, a step that then would be the genesis of BRAVE Combat Federation as a premier global MMA promotion.

Hussain Ayyad went through the whole process, first starting his training at the KHK MMA camp, developing under competent coaches, and counting with the support of a team of professionals and highly skilled teammates.

Quickly, Ayyad started rising through the amateur rankings and accumulating impressing results and medals on the IMMAF international calendar, representing Team Bahrain, arguably the most successful in the history of the federation.

With more than 17 amateur fights and a very positive record, Hussain Ayyad made the next natural step and joined BRAVE Combat Federation. With all his pro fights so far under the world’s fastest-growing MMA promotion banner, “Iron”, as he’s also known as, built a resume of four wins and only two losses.

Currently recovering from a gruesome injury suffered in his last bout, that cost him the win and a couple of months on the sideline recovering, Hussain Ayyad is still pretty much in the picture for a potential title shot in a near future.

With the required talent, skills, fan-following, and background to become the world champion, doing so would be the cherry on top of a career that, despite being in its early stages, overflows with KHK MMA’s DNA.

VIDEO - Hussain Ayyad's Road to Recovery

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