Openweight Championship Contest

The KHK World Championship is a special, one-of-a kind tournament, tracing back to the origins of the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. One single night, four warriors, the most valuable title belt in combat sports, and a prize pool like nothing else out there!


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The origins of modern mixed martial arts are centered around one question: who’s the best martial artist on the planet? As the pioneers looked for the answer, MMA developed from a spectacle to a sport, and it also moved on from that first question, introducing new rules, weight classes, and pointing systems. However, it is time to bring that inquiry back, time to find that elusive answer. KHK World Championship wants to crown the best martial artist in the world, regardless of weight classes and disciplines trained. This November, four fighters will have the chance to be crowned the best in the world in a special, historical, one-night, open-weight tournament. Are you BRAVE enough to join?

The KHK World Championship is a special, one of a kind tournament. And the prizes for the winner are also different from anything being offered in combat sports today. A specially designed gold belt, which will be the heaviest prize in entertainment and sports history, will be presented to the KHK World Champion, as well as a special US$100,000 prize money. Don’t miss the chance to make history!

Athletes interested in joining the race towards the KHK World Championship belt need to have at least one professional win in their records before applying. They can apply from September 26th to October 10th. Three days later, KHK will announce the ten finalists for the four spots (plus one alternate), and on October 15th, the four chosen fighters will be known worldwide.