Ahmed Amir eyes rematch with champ Cleiton ‘’Predator’’ after BRAVE CF 41


Posted on Sep 15, 2020

Ahmed ‘’The Butcher’’ Amir has a huge challenge in his upcoming BRAVE CF 41 fight. He will face Cian Cowley on the main card of BRAVE CF’s return to Bahrain for the Kombat Kingdom series, on September 17th. But he has his eyes on a rematch with current Lightweight world champion Cleiton ‘’Predator’’, who beat him in a controversial bout back at BRAVE CF 11.

Cleiton was making his debut in the fastest-growing organization in the world, and was able to beat Amir, but hadn’t made weight before the bout, which has caused Ahmed to feel as if a rematch is his right. He will look to gain momentum against Cowley towards that fight.

‘’I’m a Lightweight fighter, and even though this bout against Cowley will be at Super Lightweight, my division is Lightweight. And the fight I want is that rematch with Cleiton. I know I can beat him if we both make weight and I’m working every day to get that rematch’’, said Amir, who has refused to look past Cian, a dangerous striker and training partner of Conor McGregor.

‘’It will be a good fight, he has a lot of striking experience, but I can strike too. I’m not just a grappler or a wrestler. If he wants to strike, let’s strike. If he wants to grapple, we’ll grapple. I’m confident in my training and the work we do at KHK MMA, with the guidance of His Highness Shaikh Khaled, and under the tutelage of coach Eldar Eldarov’’.

Now representing Bahrain and KHK MMA, Amir’s game has evolved tremendously. Usually known for his wrestling game, ‘’The Butcher’’ has become a well-rounded fighter, with hard punches and leg kicks and his striking technique has come leaps and bounds and he was able to get the better of his last opponent even in the stand-up.

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