Al-Hawaj Group joins forces with BRAVE CF for Kombat Kingdom


Posted on Sep 12, 2020

BRAVE Combat Federation will be supported by one of the biggest Bahraini businesses, the Al Hawaj Group. The organization will return to its home in Bahrain for a series of three historic events that will put the entire world on notice. The Kombat Kingdom series will put together fighters from different parts of the world and will be watched by the entire globe as the Kingdom of Bahrain once again puts itself in the center of the martial arts atmosphere.

Established in 1942, the group has business interests in several areas such as Luxury Retail & Distribution, Fashion Retail, Consumer Electronics & Home Appliances, Education to Hospitality.

As is the case with BRAVE Combat Federation, who has identified some of the finest martial artists on the globe and consistently brings them to the Kingdom, Al Hawaj Group has made it its mission to bring top products in the globe to Bahrain and give its people the best the world has to offer.

Now, two juggernauts of Bahrain business will join forces to make sure that the Kombat Kingdom has an everlasting impact in the sports community across the Kingdom and beyond.

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