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BRAVE CF's Jose Torres on Nkosi's 'fake champion' claims: 'This guy failed to do his job'

Sep 18, 2023

At BRAVE CF 73 last month, Jose Torres and Nkosi Ndebele went to war. The two men battled it out for the BRAVE CF Bantamweight championship in one of the most competitive title affairs in the promotion’s history.
When push came to shove, though, only one man could be deemed the winner, with Jose “Shorty” Torres being given the nod on the judges’ scorecards. It didn’t come easy, with the decision being split, leaving Ndebele to protest after feeling as if he’d done enough to get over the finish line.
In the days and weeks that followed, Ndebele made it known that he wasn’t happy. After all, he walked into Bogota in search of gold and didn’t leave with it, and his frustrations came to a boiling point when he said ''Shorty'' was a fake champion. In a recent response, Torres has given his thoughts on the remarks made by his rival.
"The funny thing is people can say what they want to say, especially my last opponent. I get he's upset for whatever reason; he lost a fight, but that's not the judges’ fault. That's his fault. So he can blame everyone. He could say so many things: “fake champion”, you didn't do this, you didn't do that. But that's not my job. That's also not my problem. Your job is to win. In all three judges' eyes, and their opinions, you didn't do so.
"I mean, Nkosi Ndebele obviously has his own team and has his own family and nation that everyone is going to my Facebook, they're going to my Instagram and saying this and saying that. I'm like, why are you guys mad at me? I just did my job and this guy failed to do his, and now I'm in trouble. So for me, it's like I just do what I'm supposed to do, and that was win, and that's what I did."
As Nkosi Ndebele continues to campaign for a rematch, perhaps BRAVE CF 73 wasn't the last time he and Torres shared a cage after all.

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