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BRAVE CF set to extend its own world record with Spain debut

Nov 16, 2023

BRAVE Combat Federation is set to break its own world record by hosting its first-ever event in Spain on November 18. BRAVE CF 75 will mark the 30th nation to host a BRAVE CF event, further solidifying the organization's position as the most global MMA promotion in history. BRAVE CF has consistently endeavored to produce world-class MMA events, showcasing the sport's finest talent across the globe and have opted to embark on a global journey, organizing events in diverse countries and regions, leaving an indelible mark on the local and international MMA landscape.
Spain's turn to host a BRAVE CF event is a testament to the organization's dedication to spreading the sport's reach and fostering its growth worldwide. Spain, a nation renowned for its passion for football, is now poised to witness the electrifying spectacle of MMA. Spain will be following in the footsteps of Bahrain, Brazil, UAE, India, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Jordan, Indonesia, Northern Ireland, Morocco, Colombia, Pakistan, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, England, Romania, Kyrgyzstan, Slovenia, Sweden, Russia, Belarus, Italy, Poland, Serbia, South Korea, Uzbekistan, Germany, and France.
In doing so, they will be breaking their own record of being hosted by the most countries in MMA history. BRAVE CF has surpassed a range of industry veterans in just seven years of operations. 
As Spanish MMA continues to evolve, BRAVE CF's arrival serves as an opportunity to introduce the sport's captivating allure to a wider audience. The organization's commitment to showcasing local talent will undoubtedly inspire aspiring Spanish MMA fighters and ignite a passion for the sport among the nation's fans.
The event on November 18 promises to be an unforgettable night of exhilarating fights and captivating matchups. With Spain joining the ranks of 29 other nations that have hosted BRAVE CF events, the organization's legacy of global expansion continues to flourish. Mixed martial arts, meanwhile, is only just getting started, and the progression that we’ve seen from Spaniards who compete in the sport has been incredible.
In the main event of the evening, Acoidan Duque, the hometown hero of Tenerife, will battle Spain-based Belgian striker Donovan Desmae in a Super Lightweight bout of epic proportions. In the co-main, Spain's own Kevin Cordero defends the land against Georgian striker Levan Kirtadze at Featherweight. BRAVE CF 75 takes place in association with leading local promotion Fight2One.

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