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Levy Carriel and Eliezer Kubanza reignite their rivalry following BRAVE CF 74

Sep 14, 2023

On September 7 in Nantes, France we saw Levy Carriel produce a true highlight reel moment. He knocked out Mathieu Rakotondrazanany in emphatic fashion, landing a flying switch kick that left his opponent unconscious on the canvas. However, while it was an incredible victory for Carriel, it wasn’t against the man he expected to take on when the card was first announced. He was scheduled to battle it out with Eliezer Kubanza, but unfortunately, Kubanza was forced to pull out of the contest. 
As Levy made an impact in all the right ways, Eliezer was left to watch from home and think about what could’ve been. Alas, he chose not to dwell on the past and instead looked ahead to the future.
The unbeaten welterweight took to social media and put out the following statement, making it crystal clear what he wants next. "I want Levy Carriel. That's the fight the fans want to see, the fight I want so bad right now. He's got four wins like myself and a KO finish in the last bout, so let's give fans what they need. @bravemmaf make it happen please."
The debate didn’t stop there, either, with Carriel responding via direct message before the conversation was shared with the world.
Carriel: "I'm going to bring you back down from your cloud, my little one."
Kubanza: "Just sign the contract when it's sent to you again. You must not dream, Levy."
Before long, the comment section helped to fuel the fire even further.
Kubanza: “I’m not impressed at all and when I’m going to be locked in there with you, you are going to understand who is the king of the jungle. I’ll expose you and stop you.”
Carriel: “Bulls***. F*** you.”
Buckle up, fight fans - because this issue is far from over.

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