About Us


MMA is the fastest growing sports in the world. Yet most of the talents from around the world aren’t given an opportunity to showcase their skills and art of fighting on a global platform due to their lack of marketability. BRAVE CF seeks for the best talents from around the world and offers them a global platform to not only showcase their talents but also to represent their country on superior level. BRAVE CF’s stands for the fighters where no promotion in the world does, BRAVE CF’s mission is to showcase talents from around the world, an athletes struggle, hardship and their journey to the becoming the best in the world


Shaikh Khalid Bin Hamad Al Khalifa

Founder - In 2016 His Highness Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, First Deputy President of the Supreme Council for Youth & Sports established Brave Combat Federation with a vision to create a global sports media property which would unite nations through the celebration of competition and turn athletes into champions. A visionary who revolutionised and transformed the sport of mixed martial arts. His vision created opportunities for athletes around the world and provided a fastest growing Global platform for them to realise their dream. Being an athlete himself who competes and a leader who embodies the vision he aims to implement the changes in the system..

Mohammed 'The Hawk' Shahid

President BRAVE CF - The mastermind who relentlessly executed the vision to create the fastest growing mixed martial arts organisation in the world in to reality. Mohammed Shahid is a former professional MMA fighter, who had experienced the sport as a competitor in its initial days and later made a difference for the sports and the athlete community with the support and guidance of HHSK.


Our Story


Brave Combat Federation held its first event on September 23, 2016, on the birthday of His Highness Shaikh Khalid. In an explosive show, headlined by Lightweights Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady and Rami Aziz, ten bouts lit up the MMA world with athletes from 13 nations competing at Brave 1: Beginning.

BRAVE CF has been the only promotion seen by specialists as one of the fastest-growing MMA organizations in the world within the first year of beginning its operations. During its first two years, BRAVE CF has organized 21 events around the world becoming the only Truly Global MMA promotion in the world. During that period, BRAVE CF also featured the first two World IMMAF Championships outside of the USA, receiving amateur athletes from around the world during the Brave International Combat Week of 2017 and 2018, which culminated in two of the most explosive events in promotional history in Brave 9 and Brave 18.

Year 1 the beginning

Bahrain, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, India, Kazakhstan, and Mexico have all been home to BRAVE CF as the promotion mixed its visits in countries with a rich history in the sport, such as Brazil and the United Arab Emirates, while also using the promotion's efforts to help build the sport and provide opportunities for fighters from India, Kazakhstan, and Mexico.

Year 2 global expansion

As the promotion grew, officials set more ambitious goals for the second year of operations. BRAVE CF carried its flag and vision into new territories, some of which had never witnessed a global MMA event before. BRAVE CF has gained a huge following from new regions, focusing on the development of the sport in all parts of the world. Jordan, Indonesia, Northern Ireland, Morocco, Colombia, Pakistan, South Africa and Saudi Arabia have been the new countries in which BRAVE CF held unforgettable fight cards and long-lasting investment in MMA. During this period, BRAVE CF took a huge step closer to changing the sport of MMA by creating a global ecosystem and including new territories as true MMA hubs.